County Group to invest Rs 850 cr to build mixed-use commercial project in Delhi

County Group is developing a 1.1 million sq ft of mixed-use commercial development, County Courtyard, in one of the significant commercial hotspots of Delhi.

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Which is the top builders in greater Noida

When we think of buying a property, we give sole focus on the area. Then we focus on factors such as the area coverage of the residential property, price and availability of features and facilities. Unfortunately, we overlook one important factor in this process. We never think Which is the top builders in greater Noida, Delhi or any other place where we think of buying a property. Since you will spend a fortune for buying a home, the skills and efficiency of the builder demands attention. It is the quality of work of the builder that will determine if your investment will give you good returns.

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Which is the top builders in sector 10 e Noida

There can be nothing more pleasing than buying a home of your own and leaving the rental apartment permanently. But buying a home of your choice means you have to invest a lumpsum amount of money from your savings. In case you opt for a home loan, you have to bear the burden of paying the regular EMIs for a prolonged period of time.

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Show me the list of top builders in greater noida west

Can you tell us the first thing you ask your property agent when you contact the professional for the first time? Perhaps, your question may be - Show me the list of top builders in Greater Noida west or the place of your preference. But do you ask the agent if the new house is feng shui compliant? The majority of you will reply that you do not believe in superstitions. So, this query is baseless. Nonetheless, if something brings good luck, then there is no point in overlooking that altogether. Here are some simple things you can do to make your new home feng shui compliant:

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Show me the best builders in greater Noida

It is summer again. The temperature in this part of India will rise to such a level that we may get scorched if you stay outdoors for a prolonged span. One way of resisting this intense heat of peak summers is to limit outdoor activities in the daytime to a bare minimum. Another way is to make your home transform into a piece of freshness by indulging in indoor gardening.

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