Core Management

At its core, the County Group is a three-member body comprising

Mr. Manoj Ramsisasria, Mr. Amit Modi and Mr. Avnish Agarwal.

Together they make the dream team that every organization desires.




One of the key driving forces behind the resounding success of his team; he is the man with all the innovation and creativity in the projects. The result of his foresight, his ability to anticipate market nuances has created world-class projects such as 'Orange County', 'Olive County', 'Cherry County' and 'Cleo County'.




Mr. Manoj Ramsisaria is a man on a mission with an ambitious vision; to make the identity of the organization synonymous with the goal of on-time delivery of projects in India.

Mr Ramsisaria handles both the procurement aspects of all projects as well as the on-ground execution. Connecting one end to the other in a seamless process of interconnected steps that range from the sourcing of top quality materials, his keen attention to detail even at micro level, helps in the organizational goal of before time delivery of all projects.

With a degree in Commerce, Mr Ramsisaria nurtures a deep love for exploring the latest technological advancements and even greater interest to implement them in both his projects as well as his workspace. Owing to his tech-savvy attitude, Manoj Ramsisaria has been successful in adopting the best in engineering marvels from the IT sector for office automation; implementation of ERP and automated lead management which has resulted in a smooth transition from the conventional ways of working to the digital. This has improved communication significantly and induced a work culture that is both dynamic and structured.

His openness to newer innovations in technology has propelled him to adopt Apps that offer his buyers the option of home automation and surveillance with a buttery smooth interface for the gated community. Mr Ramsisaria has made the lives of his consumers supremely convenient and indulgent by providing them with luxurious smart homes.




Mr. Avnish Agrawal is co-founder of the company and has been key driving force behind the marketing success of the team. With vast portfolios includes responsibilities such as the Leasing, Client Relationship, Portfolio Management, and overall P&L for the group. As Corporate Head Avnish is also hands on with annual Marketing Plan implementation for the organization Projects including Orange County, Olive County, Cherry County, Cleo County etc. in the past and now on projects like Coco County, Ivy County and Flagship County 107 all of this has been key for the organization in sustaining and gaining market share over the years.

A Master in Professional Accounting from University of Western Sydney, Australia, Mr. Agrawal also represents the National body of young real estate developers (YOUTH CREDAI), as the Treasurer and is key behind raising the Industry standards in value added customer service, using technology, besides establishing best trade and service practices.