Show me the list of top builders in greater noida west

Can you tell us the first thing you ask your property agent when you contact the professional for the first time? Perhaps, your question may be - Show me the list of top builders in Greater Noida west or the place of your preference. 

But do you ask the agent if the new house is feng shui compliant? The majority of you will reply that you do not believe in superstitions. So, this query is baseless. Nonetheless, if something brings good luck, then there is no point in overlooking that altogether. 

Here are some simple things you can do to make your new home feng shui compliant:

Feng shui puts great emphasis on the main entranceway. According to this cult, the main entrance is the mouth of the qi, which summons good luck. 

Hence, if you block the main entrance or keep it cluttered, you are actually blocking the inflow of good luck. So, feng shui recommends that your main entranceway must be well lit, clear and uncluttered. 

Feng shui recommends that every fixture in your new home must be in their working condition to open your doors to good luck and prosperity in your new home.

To put it in a more simplified manner, every tap in your new home must be in operating condition. The switches of every electrical board must be in working condition. 

Moreover, there should not be any defect in the pipelines, electrical wires or plumblines in your new home. Even the hinges and knobs in your new home must be in working condition.

Thus, take a quick survey of your new home and fix every non-working or damaged fixture before you finally relocate to your new home. 

The regulations of Feng shui also states that a cluttered home is the hub of all sorts of negativity. It is the root cause of all types of stress. 

Hence, ensure that you do not take along with you any unnecessary furniture, fixture or trimmings that you do not need in your new home. These unnecessary belongings will only end up cluttering your new home and making your life stressful. 

So, dispose of everything that you will never need in your new home.

Since a cluttered home is a severe problem in feng shui because it brings negativity, the installation of furniture in your new home must be made wisely.

Try to keep as much open space as possible in each room by installing the precise number of furniture you need. 

Say for instance, you need to select some furniture for your bedroom. All you need for the room is a bed with one or two bedside tables. In case your bedroom is big in size, a couch and a small coffee table are still permissible. But refrain from installing anything else that you will not use in your bedroom.