Show me the best builders in greater Noida

It is summer again. The temperature in this part of India will rise to such a level that we may get scorched if you stay outdoors for a prolonged span.  

One way of resisting this intense heat of peak summers is to limit outdoor activities in the daytime to a bare minimum. Another way is to make your home transform into a piece of freshness by indulging in indoor gardening. 

You can apply this wise tip only when you have adequate space in your home. Therefore, if you plan to relocate to a new home, do not forget to ask your property agent - Show me the best builders in greater Noida and elsewhere with properties with adequate space. 

Now when you locate a spacious apartment with a balcony, these are the summer plants that you can grow:

A banyan tree is known to provide shade to travellers during the summer season. You can bring this feeling into your home by installing a bonsai banyan tree in your balcony garden.  

The blowing of soft breeze amidst the leaves of your bonsai banyan will give you a feeling of freshness. This outstanding bonsai will be a permanent ornamental addition to your balcony garden. 

Jade is a succulent plant that is very popular among homeowners. You do not have to indulge in any elaboration when you think of growing jade in your home. 

The basic requirements of this plant are calculative watering and bright sunlight. If you can provide these, jade will grow happily in your home throughout the summers and stay healthy forever. 

If you want to know about an indoor plant that can tolerate summer heat very well, has ornamental appeal and offers medicinal properties simultaneously, the name would be aloe vera. 

It is another tolerant plant that does not demand regular water even in peak summers too. Aloe vera can thrive well in shady condition as well as under full sun. 

A piece of additional information for you is that the gel inside the aloe vera leaves is rich in antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. You can use the gel for healing inflammation, skin rashes and dandruff as well. 

If you want to have a variety of ornamental plants that can bear the strongest of summer heat and decorate your garden simultaneously, you have to select cactus. The most fantastic feature of the cactus plant is that it does not need any manuring or frequent watering too. 

If you explore the varieties of cactus, you will remain bemused. There are flowering cacti too which can be great additions to your balcony garden.